Hair color 2021: fashion trends for winter 2020/2021.


Blond, the hair color among the 2020/2021 trends that also conquers autumn.

Generally a summer color, blond is the hair color that never stops conquering during the fall of 2020. Light blond is made up of a warm and very natural shade of blond, perfect for brightening rainy days. As well as platinum blonde, which for the season becomes even colder and icy.

Darkness and mystery is the black blue hair trend.

Black is also back among the hair color trends of Autumn 2020: pure, very dark and to be worn strictly in a total look, it is capable of making hair truly unique.

In nature, black hair is in fact a prerogative of olive complexions, even if today many fair-skinned women decide to dye it.

Why choose black-blue?
Certainly because it is a chic, elegant and refined color able to fully express a strong and decisive personality. This very intense shade is well suited to faces with marked, sensual, intriguing, but also delicate and sweet features.
It is important to remember, however, that this shade that frames the face in such a 'natural' way is not for everyone!

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